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Boletín: 20 - 30 de abril, 1871 (part 1)

Because this boletín contains information for a whole ten days of the 1871 season, we're doing two parts. This first one covers everyone's favorite team:

la máquina ⚙️

  • 6/20, vs. Grises de Humacao 🌧️: When Emiliano Garza put one through the left side gap to score Tomás Reyes, you could've forgiven Rincón pitcher Grimaldo for guessing his night would go badly. The middle of the game provided more evidence for the theory, as each time La Máquina scored, La Nube responded with some nifty platework of their own to retake the lead. Then, in the top of the seventh, backup catcher Alfonso Huerta broke a 4-4 tie with his second RBI single of the game, and once Grimaldo pitched a scoreless top of the 8th, the Ingenieros rumbled to life with a four-run inning that was nearly completely unanswered. Víctor Nieves had four hits, but he only scored once and didn't drive anyone in. Still, it was a lot of fun, if you were a Rincón fan. Ingenieros win, 9 to 5 (🎶 are we sure this is Rincón's team? 🎶).
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  • 6/23, at Azucareros de Yabucoa 🍭: Eduardo Jaramillo not only held La Máquina to a single earned run, but included a two-run single of his own as the Zucas' offense, famously middling to go with their league-worst run allowance, woke up for a game. Azucareros win, 8-4.
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  • 6/24, vs. Cariduros de Fajardo 😡: Other than Grimaldo, who barely counts as a hitter, the only Ingeniero not to get at least one hit is Víctor Nieves, who still seems to be warming up to facing pro pitchers—though a walk and an HBP allow him to score two runs, and he guns down Alberto Piña trying to get to third. Sebastián Núñez adds a couple of his own via a three-hit night. Behind the plate, Eurípides Vivanco nails another three runners at second. It's a great night to be a Rincón fan. Ingenieros win, 9-2.
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  • 6/26, at Criollos de Caguas 🧺: It is a terrible night to be a Rincón fan, unless you're all about the individual accomplishments—Torcuato Riverón's solo shot in the sixth is the first in Máquina history, but it falls rather flat. To be entirely fair, the Ingenieros only allowed runs in three innings: to be unfair, they allowed a lot of them each time, and exactly one was earned—if not for the 20 total errors committed, this would've been a 2-1 game the other way. Instead, Criollos win, 21-10.
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  • 6/28, vs. Taínos de Gurabo 🏐: Javier Salazar is currently hitting .370/.414/.519, and he tries to make a case for a permanent roster spot by smashing a club sandwich shot to take the lead in the bottom of the 5th. The Buras and Inges trade blows over the next few innings, but after Rómulo Quintana holds Gurabo scoreless for two innings, Víctor Nieves uses a fielding error to extend his single into a walk-off two-base hit. Ingenieros win in 10, 8-7.
    (box score)
  • 6/30, at Llaneros de Toa Baja ✳️: We really have to insist that you watch the video. I mean, we usually do, but given the Rincón team we're working with, this one was special. Ingenieros win, 13-3.
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